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You should wash your hands after touching these 10 harmless things

Washing your hands after a visit to the bathroom is, of course, the most natural thing in the world. But most people will be surprised to learn that there are many other things even dirtier than a toilet seat. Do you prefer not to think about it and do you respect the motto that "a little dirt strengthens resistance"? If you do, think again, because washing your hands more often means that a cold, flu, or virus is less likely to hide.

1. Money

Cash: we take it without thinking and put it in our wallets. But research shows that the coins and bills we handle contain a lot of dirt. For example, various viruses, poop bacteria, salmonella and bacteria of the genitals have been found in cash. So after you get the money, wash your hands.

2. Menus

Most people take two-handed restaurant menus and dive into them. However, research shows that an average menu contains almost 200,000 different bacteria. You can't avoid touching the menu, of course, but wash your hands after making your choice for lunch or dinner.

3. Door knobs, handles and levers

You probably know that. Grasping door handles, handles and levers is not very hygienic. Especially in public toilets and on public transport, things are full of bacteria and dirt. Been outside? Then always wash your hands when you get home.

4. General practices

General practice visitors have something in common - after all, that's why they came, right? Therefore, think for a moment before grabbing a doorknob, an armrest, or a pen at the counter.

5. Animals

Have you just patted your neighbor's cat or dog? Chances are you won't wash your hands afterwards. However, according to experts, this is what you should do. Animals can carry various diseases, which can also be dangerous for humans.

6. Phone screen

We can pick up the phone at any time of the day. Continue - admit it - even when we go to the bathroom for a number one or two. The small screen carries a lot of dirt. Therefore, wash your hands regularly and polish your phone screen with special cleaning wipes.

7. Kitchen

There are more bacteria in the kitchen than you think. The main reason? Raw meat! Do you regularly make meat? It is therefore likely that you are handling the meat when you cut it on a cutting board before cooking it. And by doing that, you are touching things like pots, knives, tea towels and the counter. Bacteria love moisture, so don't let it spread. Wash your hands well!

8. Pens

The average pen in a desk contains about as many bacteria as a toilet seat. Did you wash your hands after using a colleague's pen? We certainly do.

9. Soap dispensers

Do you wash your hands with soap? Then you do it well. However, think about the soap dispenser pump you are using. Refillable soap dispensers in particular are a source of bacteria. It is therefore not a bad idea to regularly clean your soap dispenser.

10. Airport

An airport can be compared to any other form of public transport. Thousands of people walk through an airport every day, effectively spreading bacteria and viruses. Have you put your hand luggage in a bin and checked in? Then wash your hands well. The trays in which other people's objects are placed can contain a lot of bacteria.

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