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9 Purchases That Make Your Money Go to Waste

What kind of primary spending do people have around the world? It's very simple: food, clothing, accommodation, vacation, health needs and transportation. However, there is also this mysterious category called "Other". According to research, the average person spends about $18,000 a year on things they don't really need.

This means that spending on things that are not vital ends up being a decent part of our budget and, if we get rid of them, we could save money for big purchases, like buying real estate or going on vacation. Since a long time.

1. One-time use cosmetics

How many tubes are in your cosmetic bag that have only been used once? Crimson eyeshadows, black lipstick, purple glitter, etc. Although they look bright and attractive when you buy them, in reality, they can hardly be used in everyday life.

Before making another purchase for your toiletry bag, ask yourself, "Will I use this item at least twice a week?" As surprising as it may seem, buying expensive and well-thought-out cosmetic items can help you save your budget. Even if the habit of grabbing everything you see, even if it's cheap, empties your wallet.

2. Expensive toys for pets

Unfortunately, the following law also applies to our cute animals. In most cases, the more expensive the toy, the less interest it has in your pet.

Your cat will likely ignore a strange ball construction and be afraid of a radio-controlled mouse, but will be excited by a crumpled sheet of paper or a normal bottle cap. Your dog will be happy to chew on any new toy, but will take care of the old stuffed rabbit he used to sleep with since childhood.

If you want to make your pet really happy, just pay more attention.

3. Sporting equipment

Are you determined to train regularly? Do not rush to buy ultra-trendy cardio sports equipment. Practice shows that, in most cases, it will only collect dust on the balcony or in the bedroom, and will become a new way of torturing you. If you want to test your enthusiasm, join a gym for a month.

Are you someone who doesn't want to leave the house to train? This is not a problem - get an elastic strap for Pilates or dumbbells: they don't take up much space. As for cardio exercise, fitness enthusiasts have developed many routines that do not require any equipment, and where the fat is burned no less actively.

4. Ill-conceived interior elements

When you are in a hardware store, you are always tempted to buy this pretty shelf, an armchair or these pretty curtains. Take a deep breath and stop yourself from doing it. When you return home, it is likely that you will suddenly realize that there is no space for this shelf, that these curtains do not match the walls and do not let in light, while the armchair does not fit in the necessary corner.

Before purchasing a new interior item, get a measuring tape and measure where the new item is supposed to be placed. Then ask yourself why you need this thing, what it will do and if it will make your life more comfortable. If not, why waste money on an item that ends up in your country house?

5. Purchases during vacation

"I probably had a sunburn" - that's what we think when we unpack our suitcases. A poisonous green umbrella, a weird hat with torn feathers, a bunch of trinkets that are already falling apart - there are so many useless things we bring back from vacation. It is hard to believe that they will "repay" the money spent on them.

Are you the one who can't imagine a trip without shopping? Read the recommendations on things that are worth buying in the country you're traveling to and make a list of the things you really want to buy. Even if a leather wallet costs almost as much as a dinner in a 3 Michelin star restaurant, it will serve you for many years. While a jar of curry bought impulsively in the hope of future culinary achievements will die without glory in the depths of the kitchen cabinet.

6. A huge set for a new hobby

Have you decided to start a new hobby, perhaps knitting or gasping? It's a perfect idea. The only thing you should keep in mind is not to buy half of the store, hoping to encourage your enthusiasm. There is always a chance that you will lose it, having realized that this is not your cup of tea. In addition, sometimes too many choices confuse us and we do not know how to complete the first stage of the hobby when the second seems so much more interesting.

Start with small things: paper, pencils and watercolor for the arts, a hook and several skeins of knitting yarn. The days of deficit are over and the things you need can be bought at any time. Don't become a hamster that stores everything in the depths of a garbage drawer.

7. Stuffed toys

It is not only children who are passionate about plush toys. And each of us can probably admit that we only had 1-2 toys that we liked and of which we have a warm memory. The rest of the stuffed animals just accumulated dust - they became useless several days after purchase, and we felt sorry for trying to throw them away.

If your home lacks warmth, get some fluffy pillows and blankets: they will put you at ease mentally and physically. In addition, getting rid of it will not cause heavy and sad emotions in you.

8. Outside sports equipment

It is extremely unprofitable to buy a bicycle or roller skates and only use them a few times a year. There are many rental options for a variety of sports equipment (from classic bikes to Segways) in modern parks. It will be much cheaper than buying an item that will only take up space in your home.

It's a totally different thing if you ride a bike or scooter to get to work. In this case, it's the perfect way to save money by not spending it on public transportation, while bringing more activity to your life.

9. Electronic accessories

With the modern development of technology, the gadgets are constantly updated, as well as additions. That's why a freshly bought Walkman ended up lying on the shelf because you started listening to music on your phone. You no longer need a wireless keyboard, because when you sit with it on the couch, you won't be able to see the screen anyway.

Before following your temptation, ask yourself, "Do I really need this gadget?" Often, our old articles are not yet broken and perfectly fulfill all the necessary functions. Is a heated USB cup holder really necessary after all?

Have you ever made purchases that you missed? Please share your stories in the comments!

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