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9 Simple but Effective Budgeting Methods That Helped People Save $100,000

Il est tout à fait possible d’économiser beaucoup d’argent lorsque vous êtes jeune. Un utilisateur de Reddit a posé la question: "Les personnes de moins de 30 ans qui ont déjà réussi à économiser 100 000, comment avez-vous procédé?" et il a reçu des milliers de réponses. Certaines personnes ont honnêtement admis avoir eu la chance de naître dans une famille riche qui les a aidées, mais beaucoup de gens ont économisé ce montant par eux-mêmes.

1. Live with your parents.

More and more people prefer to live with their parents, even after 30 years - this is a global trend. A lot of money is spent on renting apartments, sometimes it is 1/3 or even 1/2 of a person's salary. Of course, not everyone wants to live with their parents, in which case you can share the rent with your friends, your partner or other people.

I lived at home with my parents. Lived in the suburbs and not in a place with a lot of young people, so I rarely went out. That's where most of my savings come from. People don't seem to realize how much you save by living with your parents. I saved at least $ 1,200 / month in rent alone during the first years of college. Add utility bills and the like and that's a few hundred more. I established relationships and was promoted to a manager level position in 3 years. I now earn $ 120,000, but have since moved and settled in my home. © Joe-misidd

2. Make automatic transfers to a savings account the day you get your paycheck.

The Superjob research center carried out a survey: around 29% of people do not add their expenses and around 40% of people have no savings. In reality, saving money is not as difficult as it sounds and you don't have to try to live on very little money. Just set aside 5-10% of your salary and the result will surprise you.

I am now in my thirties, but I had over $ 100,000 in the bank before I turned 30. Automatic transfers to my savings accounts and mutual funds as soon as I find my job - you can't miss it if you never see it !! © Lewd_Topiary

3. Don't rush to buy a car, especially an expensive one.

Most people really don't need anything other than public transport and a bicycle, a car is just a symbol of success and nothing more. But in the event that a person does not have a good financial cushion, he cannot think that he succeeds simply because he has a car. In the Netherlands, for example, 36% of people prefer to cycle and the number of these people is increasing.

  • Get to work by public transit. Most office jobs will pay or reimburse you for a public transit pass. © aderptoremember

  • Get on your bike. Save on fuel and wear and tear on cars. © SmashBusters

4. Don't buy brand name things.

In the modern world, it's a little funny to buy branded things. According to statistics, the number of people who borrow money from banks is constantly increasing. Many of them buy trendy gadgets and cars and have nothing to eat. They cannot save enough money if they keep spending crazy amounts of money on things they don't really need.

Basically, I don't spend a lot of money on mundane stuff. I am not into fashion or chasing electronic trends when I need or want something that I buy for the material and quality, rather than the brand name. I didn't have a car until I was 27 because I didn't need it, public transportation worked very well for me. © Zerole00

5. Don't use the phrase "I can afford this."

Excessive consumption is one of the greatest vices of modern society. Even if a person earns enough money, the habit of buying everything they want leads to the inability to save a significant amount. Some people want to buy things that are not necessary but unique, and there is even a term for this phenomenon - snobbish effect.

There are a lot of what I would call "poor rich" people. For example, my best friend. By all means, we had exactly the same start - graduating from debt-free college, getting an old car from our parents, and getting high-paying jobs in the Los Angeles area. She and her husband jointly earn $ 135-145,000 a year. My husband and I earn $ 105,000 jointly a year. She is constantly bankrupt and discovers her accounts, while my husband and I have saved $ 150,000. We are 27 years old. The main problem is the daily spending habits. They eat out, they eat out, they buy new devices ... It's easy to spend more than you earn if you can't limit yourself. © emmaballoo

6. Buy property

These data were extracted from the official website of the apartment complex "The Scarlet Sales" in Moscow and Wikipedia.

The property, except in the case of a mortgage, pays off fairly quickly and it doesn't matter if you live there or rent it. The cost of property generally increases with inflation - much faster than inflation in developing cities.

I invested in real estate. I worked the night shift at McDonald's until I could afford a $ 40,000 house. I spent my nights at McD and my days fixing the house. 8 years later, this house is now worth $ 140,000. Last year, I removed $ 60,000 in equity from the house and bought another one, this one for $ 195,000. I now have tenants in the first house who pay me $ 1,100 / month. © Rust_Dawg

7. Change your specialty or workplace

Don't be afraid to try something new when you are still young. There is a chance that you will discover a knack for something that will bring you more money and fun. And don't hang on to a workplace if your career isn't developing. There are hundreds of others on the market who will appreciate your knowledge and experience.

$ 120k in our bank account, we are 24 years old. I started as a wedding photographer and then organized my own online courses. It turned out that teaching people to take pictures is much more profitable. But my wife and I have a fairly simple life, we don't have fancy clothes or cool cars. © saltwatersaguaro

8. Learn to cook

Go eat out very rarely. Eating often is not only bad for your budget, but also bad for your health. So the cheapest way to eat is to cook at home.

I won't say that I never drink in restaurants, but I rarely do. It just adds money to the bill .... And it adds up if you do it a lot. Instead, we spend $ 25 on blenders / vodka and make drinks at home for about 2 nights ... It would cost $ 100 + to make it in a restaurant. Cook at home, don't give in to the temptation to go out to eat regularly. It means a lot to someone who earns ~ $ 35,000 / year. When you earn $ 350,000, you can ignore these expenses. © ACreativeTechnophile

9. Don't look for easy money

Easy money doesn't exist and risky things like gambling are great ways to lose all your money. Even a profitable thing like the stock market requires a lot of effort and research - there is no room for luck.

  • You have an inheritance of around $ 1.2 million, you joined the stock market and you now have $100,000. © unknown author

But first, decide what you want from your youth. Living with your parents, using public transport, paying attention to each purchase you make? Happy youth or investments in the future should be everyone's personal choice.

  • I understand what you are doing, and thank you for saving well and being so disciplined, but I can't really blame your friends either. Yes, they spend more than they need, but they also love their lives and seem fairly well-prepared to maintain their lifestyle. Assuming they have income protection in case their situation changes, I can't really blame them either. Money is a tool and if it can be used for fun without damaging your future, it looks good too. I can't put a lot of money in your grave after all. © Deepandabear

Are you saving money? Can you recommend effective advice?

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